My wife and I went to Helen for marriage consulting for just under 1 year unfortunately the marriage did not end up working out but the bright part of all we went through was working with Helen, She was always very fair and willing to help us both grow in areas we needed to grow more in and personally helped me open up more then I have in the past and made me feel like it was okay to be 100% who I am and who I want to be. 

I would highly recommend Helen to anyone I know going thought issues in their personal relationships, or in their personal lives, after the marriage fell apart Helen helped me understand what had happened and move forward as an individual something that is much easier said than done.

I will always be grateful for her help and all she did and tried to do for our marriage, and how she helped me after the fact.

Thank you for everything Helen I can’t state enough how much it helped to have you there for me when I needed it the most and always making me feel heard really was something I did not know I missed for so long. -Nathan, June ’20

My experience of having Helen as a therapist is akin to the experience of making a puzzle with someone who loves puzzles. I took the puzzle of my life and my family dynamics and the loss of my sister and laid them all out on the table. Helen gently sat with me and listened to the pieces turning them over to look at, and she gave me strategies about where to start and how to identify pieces within a whole picture. She gave me insight and support that I deeply needed. Consistent and bit my bit I was able to put some more pieces together. Encouraging, engaging, and simply helpful, I have been thankful for her affirmation and validation as I have had to navigate deep grief and complicated emotions around family, death, and my place in all of it. Thank you Helen for your experience, professionalism, and work you do.   John, client since December ’19

I’ve been working with Helen for several months now. I searched for a long time to find a therapist that felt like a good fit, but I knew after the first few minutes of talking with her that I already liked her. She hears what I tell her and often asks thoughtful questions that make me look inward to figure out why I’m feeling the way I do. There are so many things she’s helped me overcome, both big and small. She’s a great addition to my healthcare team and I feel lucky to have found her when I did. – Danielle, client since October ’19

Helen and I have been working together for almost 7-8 months now. She has been a constant source of comfort and strength for me as I navigate the emotional ups and downs that life and my mind are throwing at me. She provides the appropriate guidance, without preaching, enabling me to be self sufficient in handling my emotions. I have come to become more and more self-reliant, but at the same time knowing that she has my back for the toughest days when I can’t hold myself up. I am ever so grateful to have found her!” – S.H., client since September ’19

It is really hard to accept you need someone to talk to, but almost all of us do. Helen is my first counselor and she has made this experience the easiest transition I could have imagined. Every session, it feels like I am talking to a friend that is giving me really insightful advice that has truly helped. I always have my notebook near by to write down the wisdom that opened my mind. I came into this experience having a really hard time looking at all the good in my life and not being able to love myself. This journey has been difficult and it is something I will have to work on for the rest of my life, but Helen has really helped me to come to a place where I can appreciate my accomplishments and how far I’ve come. I personally do better with practice and Helen worked with that. She gives me exercises and readings, and has just helped me work on a new way of thinking through experiences. I am excited to continue this journey to self love with her and I would recommend Helen as a counselor to anyone! – I.A., client since September ’19